Visual effects with automatic tracking, designed for Hudl Sportscode.

Advanced, easy-to-use telestration

Hudl Sportscode users can now quickly add professional, dynamic drawings and graphics to multiple angles in your video packages, all within one ecosystem of products.

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“The big thing is how time effective Studio is”
Andrew Findley, Sr. Performance Analyst, Norwegian Football Federation
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Simplify your workflow

Studio opens right from Hudl Sportscode for hassle-free, two-way sharing of video and graphics packages.

  • No need to export, import or realign video
  • Automatically sync multiple angles
  • Seamlessly import team data from Wyscout
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Automatic Tracking

There’s no longer any need to manually track players with graphics. Simply highlight the player and computer vision will do the rest.

  • Broadcast-quality graphics
  • Automatic chroma key
  • Simple calibration
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Improved Communication

Improve communication with players through enhanced visual feedback in multiple angles.

  • Built for analysts and coaches
  • Remove the barriers
  • Free with Hudl Sportscode (Elite)

Case study

How Studio Enhanced My Workflow

We spoke to Andy Findlay, Senior Performance Analyst at The Norwegian Football Federation to gain an insight into how Studio is enhancing a high performance workflow.

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